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Affordable IVF? Why Some Are Heading to CNY Fertility

With the average cost of in vitro fertilization (IVF) in the United States hovering around $25,000, fertility treatment remains out of reach for most couples. Since many states have yet to mandate IVF coverage, even insured individuals face this hurdle. In recent years, many couples struggling with infertility have turned to CNY Fertility to achieve their dreams of parenthood. In this article, we will be reviewing the costs of treatment at CNY Fertility as well as other factors to consider when seeking out treatment.

Costs of Treatment at CNY Fertility:

CNY Fertility has gained popularity in part for its reputation as a low-cost IVF option in the United States. The clinic reports a per cycle base clinic fee of $4,990, compared with the national average of $12,000. When medications and add-ons are included, couples heading to CNY Fertility can expect to spend at least $8,000 per cycle, compared to the national average of $20,000. For some patients, this cost saving is enough to cause them to consider traveling to CNY Fertility for treatment.

What is Included in the IVF Cost?

When comparing costs at various clinics, it is important to consider what each clinic’s “IVF package” includes. Couples quickly discover that many necessary costs are not factored into the price quote provided. With CNY Fertility, the base clinic fee of just under $5,000 includes the egg retrieval procedure, anesthesia, intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) and assisted hatching. Additionally, up to one year of cryopreservation storage is also included.

What Services Cost Extra at CNY Fertility?

It is helpful to consider the additional services that may be required in your situation, as each patient is unique and requires a specialized treatment plan. CNY Fertility provides up-front fees for “add-ons”. If you are planning on genetic testing, for example, plan on an additional $695 for a frozen transfer, $400 clinic fee for the genetic testing and $1,800 laboratory fees. For couples in need of donor eggs or donor sperm, there are additional fees of $4,000 and $750, respectively. Couples should factor in the additional costs that may apply in their case.

CNY Fertility Guarantee Packages:

For couples who are concerned regarding the need for multiple cycles, CNY Fertility provides guarantee packages that provide a 75% refund if all cycles are completed without attaining a live birth. The guarantee packages range from $20,000 to almost $40,000. However, patients must meet strict criteria to qualify for these packages. For couples using their own eggs, the female must have an anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) greater than 1.0 to qualify. Additionally, other laboratory cutoffs must be met, and the patient must not have failed more than three previous cycles. Additionally, if an individual is using her own eggs, CNY Fertility does not offer the guarantee if she is older than 39 years of age.

Can I Receive Care at CNY Fertility If I Live Out of State?

Many patients travel from out-of-state to seek care. CNY Fertility has relationships with many clinics throughout the country. Couples often elect to have their monitoring appointments at their local medical facility, and then subsequently travel to CNY just prior to the egg retrieval. It is important to note that total costs may depend on whether you receive monitoring at your local clinic versus CNY Fertility. CNY Fertility can provide travel accommodation recommendations, including local hotels which provide discounts for CNY Fertility patients.

Additional Services at CNY Fertility:

Couples at CNY Fertility can take advantage of other services that may be beneficial as they pursue fertility treatment. These services include acupuncture and massage. Of note, CNY Fertility does not turn patients away due to age, AMH or body mass index (BMI). Some other clinics limit criteria for acceptance to improve their reported success rates. Finally, CNY Fertility does not require that patients use donor eggs or sperm to obtain treatment. This decision is left to the patient.

Takeaway Message:

CNY Fertility has become well-known as a low-cost option for couples seeking fertility treatment. Patients seeking care at CNY Fertility should be encouraged to include all anticipated treatment in their total cost estimate. Additional costs of travel, including hotel accommodations and airfare, should also be factored in when estimating costs. Finally, couples should evaluate non-financial considerations when selecting a clinic. These factors include the clinic's success rate, relationship with staff and the emotional stress that may be involved in traveling for IVF.

Have you received care at CNY Fertility? What was your experience like? Please share in the comments below.

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